About Us

Diamond Blue Kite Boarding is a blog in which it intends to share with you different kite trips, surf trips and everything that inspires us daily about the theme of these enjoyable sports. Our passion for kitesurfing is slowly becoming a way of life more than a sport.

Kiteboarding is the essence of what we at are all about. We were formed on the idea that experience is of supreme value in life. We have compiled teaching theory from the leading teaching organizations and formulated a program that is designed to inspire the individual, or group, to meet their desired kiteboarding goals. We use our own experience and those who forged the way before us to make this process a success.

Expanding upon our love of the water, we are forever looking for ways to improve what we are doing to make your experience that much more enjoyable. We value each and every person who comes in contact with us, whether online, or in person.


We all know kiteboarding can become very addictive and once you are hooked, you are always looking for the next session. But sooner or later we all discover the most frustrating side of our sport – having to depend on wind.

Brought together on a windy kitesurfing beach, we’ve been traveling extensively, creating high quality content for our favourite travel and action sports brands, and seeking out the best places around the world to live out their adventures.

Finally, it is important to us to get your feedback. We understand that every day is an opportunity to change and improve upon what we do, without your valuable feedback it is undoubtedly a longer process. Always feel free to pull one of us aside, or send an email to let us know about your experience and what it meant to you. Without You, there  is no Us!