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Some people out there believe in some kitesurfing myths which have made them avoid learning how to kitesurf. What they don’t know is that these false beliefs are preventing them from enjoying this favorite sport. Today, I have decided to prove any false beliefs about kitesurfing to give you confidence to enjoy the sport. So, without further ado, here are 7 kitesurfing myths that could be stopping you from learning to kitesurf:

1. Kitesurfing requires a lot Of Strength and Power

This is something that many people who have never done kitesurfing believe. However, this is not the case as the force with which a kite pulls a kitesurfer is carried by the harness. This means that kitesurfing does not require any strength. When it comes to kitesurfing, technique is more important than strength and power. And the good thing is that technique is something you will learn in your kitesurfing lessons.

2. Learning How To Kitesurfing Is Hard For Those Who Are Not Very Athletic

Kitesurfing is often about coordination and not the kitesurfer’s fitness level. Coordination is something you will learn with time. However, keep in mind that kitesurfing is a full body workout and you will be exhausted during your first lessons. The good thing is that your body will quickly adapt as you continue learning and your muscles will be used to the sport after a few sessions.

3. Kitesurfing is Very Costly

Even though kitesurfing lessons are more expensive than learning other water sports such as surfing, there are some affordable kitesurf packages to suit those on a budget. Just ensure that the place where you will be learning how to kitesurf has a good wind probability for effective learning.

After you have decided to learn how to kitesurf, buy used gear that is in good shape and less than 4 years old. If you would like to buy new gear, purchase the previous year’s model as it is often cheaper than the latest model.

4. Crashing in the Water Is Painful

One of the best things about kiting is that you fall into the water. Even though it may not be comfortable to have water in your nose, eyes, ears or any other part of your body, the good thing is that it does not hurt since you are landing softly as the kite will lift you. Falling into water is good provided you do not jump super high.

5. Kitesurfing Is Not For Those Who Are Too Heavy or Too Skinny

You can enjoy this sport whether you are too heavy or too skinny. If you believe that you are heavy, a bigger kite and bigger boards will suit your needs as they give you more floatation. On the other hand, those who are light can look for small kites.

6. Kitesurfing is Very Dangerous

The safety systems of kites have significantly improved over the last few years. The first safety systems back then were dangerous but nowadays, the safety systems of kites have a high safety standard making them very safe. Kitesurf lessons will help you understand the safety systems of your kite and help you know how to deal with risky situations.

7. Kitesurfing is so complicated

I agree that kitesurfing can look complicated from the outside as it seems that there are many things to control at the same time. However, the good thing is that kitesurf lessons can enable you to learn the way it should be done and after a while, you will be able to do all these things comfortably.

All these things are not as complicated as they seem and there is no need to be worried that you may not be able to know how to control all the things associated with kitesurfing.

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